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Aerial Icons

A Photographic NFT Collection By Dylan Schwartz

Final Flight Coming Soon


This collection exists at the intersection of photography and graphic design. It’s a visual exploration that seeks to find the threshold of simplicity at which a phase shift from a “photograph” to a “graphic” takes place.


Each Aerial Icon begins as a photograph taken from a helicopter. Over the last 7 years, I’ve flown countless helicopter flights over Los Angeles and other locations across the United States. Collecting images of iconic and graphic subjects from above.


The editing process is one of simplification and subtraction. A photo is converted to black and white, then hand-painted in Photoshop to obscure additional details until the image is transformed into its simplest and most iconic form.

Aerial Icons: LANDMARKS

A future extension to the Aerial Icons photo collection that will strive to bring photography to the open metaverse. Currently, in the conceptual phase, this will initially be available exclusively to holders of Aerial Icons. 

Collection Preview:

Collection Preview

About the Artist

Dylan Schwartz is an artist whose work spans photography, video, graphic design, commercial arts, and media innovation. 
His Photography work has been seen in Time Magazine, LACMA, and The Guggenheim Gallery, amongst many others.

His commercial work spans two decades of experience as a Creative Director working at some of LA's most iconic ad agencies, Chiat/Day and Saatchi&Saatchi. During that time he garnered many awards, including a Cannes Lion for Art Direction.

Dylan is a Sony Ambassador and a member of the Alpha Collective. He's built a large community on Instagram based on his aerial photography, and love of documenting Los Angeles. He’s also a member of the L.A. Mayor’s Photographers’ Core, who tasked with documenting the city for historical purposes. 

He is currently the Founder, Executive Creative Director of Kissd Studio, a creator-driven content agency that brings together some of the most talented creators, with some of world’s best brands. Since founding Kissd in 2017, he’s brought together brands like Honda, Nike, Adidas Acura, and SpaceX to collaborate with creators including Dave Krugman, JN Silva, Ravi Vora, Brandon Ruff, Cache Bunny, and Pablo Rochat, along with many, many more.

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About the Artist
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